Entropy in Bloom: Stories

Jeremy Robert Johnson

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“A dazzling writer. Seriously amazing short stories.” – Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club)

“Johnson is a master of mood, seamlessly combining the literary with the grotesque. [He] deserves to be a household name.” – Publishers Weekly

  • Book Riot Contemporary Horror Top 50
  • Barnes & Noble Best of Horror 2017
  • MCL Best of 2017
  • Undead Airlock Best of 2017
  • Dead End Follies Top 10

Entropy in Bloom collects many of Jeremy’s best and most bizarre short stories. We worked on a few small projects with Jeremy over the years, going all the way back to a 2006 podcast where Jeremy read the entirety of his short story “The Sharp-Dressed Man at the End of the Line” (included here in this collection). Jeremy’s work is always weird and dark and surprising and wonderful. If that sounds like your thing, this is probably the best introduction to his work.


  • The League of Zeroes
  • Persistence Hunting
  • The Oarsman
  • The Gravity of Benham Falls
  • Dissociative Skills
  • Snowfall
  • When Susurrus Stirs
  • Luminary
  • Trigger Variation
  • Cathedral Mother
  • Swimming in the House of the Sea
  • Saturn’s Game
  • The Sharp-Dressed Man at the End of the Line
  • A Flood of Harriers
  • States of Glass
  • The Sleep of Judges